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SWSC-203: Surface Chemistry of Soils

Michael A. Anderson
218 Sciences Lab I
(951) 827-3757

Ball biagram of water molecules at mineral surface

A one quarter graduate course offered alternate years providing a rigorous treatment of adsorption, surface speciation, electrical properties and weathering of mineral surfaces in aqueous systems. The course serves as an elective for graduate students in Soil and Water Sciences. The course is also taken as an elective by graduate students in Environmental Engineering, Physics and other programs.

Text: Chemistry of the Solid-Water Interface (Stumm, 1992).

Topics covered in class include:

  • Review of intermolecular forces
  • Gas-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces
  • Coordination chemistry of hydrous oxides
  • Surface complexation models
  • Surface charge and the electric double layer
  • Guoy-Chapman, Stern and triple layer models
  • Adsorption and ion exchange equations
  • Mineral weathering
  • Mineral precipitation and nucleation
  • Particle-particle interactions
  • Surface redox processes

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