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Environmental Sciences

William Porter

William PorterWilliam Porter

Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Dynamics and Modeling

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph.D., Applied Physics, Portland State University, 2013
  • B.S., Physics, Portland State University, 2008
  • B.A., Comparative Literature, University of Oregon, 2001


  • Regional and global air-quality modeling
  • Land/atmosphere interactions
  • Human health and environmental consequences of land-use changes

Current Research:

  • Environmental drivers of unexplained trends in asthma and other respiratory diseases
  • Chemical, biological, and meteorological connections between climate and air quality
  • Regional health disparities and environmental justice

Research Group

    Students interested in exploring the causes and consequences of air pollution through the statistical analysis of observations and chemical transport modeling should contact William Porter to discuss Ph.D. position opportunities.

    Selected Publications:

    • Porter, W.C., S.A. Safieddine, and C.L. Heald (2017). Impact of aromatics and monoterpenes on simulated tropospheric ozone and total OH reactivity. Atmospheric Environmentem> 169, 250–257.
    • Russell, B.T., D.S. Cooley, W.C. Porter, B.J. Reich, C.L. Heald (2016). Modeling the spatial behavior of the meteorological drivers' effects on extreme ozone, Environmetrics, 27(6), pp.334–344.
    • Khalil, M.A.K., C.L. Butenhoff, W.C. Porter, M. Almazroui, A. Alkhalaf, & M.S. Al-Sahafi. (2016). Air quality in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 66.4: 341-355.
    • Porter, W.C., C. L. Heald, D. Cooley, & B. Russell (2015). Investigating the observed sensitivities of air-quality extremes to meteorological drivers via quantile regression. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 15(18), 10349–10366.
    • Porter, W.C., T.N. Rosenstiel, A. Guenther, J.-F. Lamarque, & K. Barsanti (2015). Reducing the negative human-health impacts of bioenergy crop emissions through region-specific crop selection. Environmental Research Letters, 10(5), 054004.

    Courses Taught:

    • NASC 093: Freshman Seminar
    • ENSC 275: Research Seminar in Environmental Sciences
    • ENSC 102: Introductory Atmospheric Science

    Graduate Program Affiliations and Research Focus Areas:

    • Research Focus Areas
      • Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology
    • Programs
      • Environmental Sciences

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