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Kurt Schwabe

Kurt Schwabe

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Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy
Associate Editor, California Agriculture
Editorial Council, Water Economics and Policy
Adjunct Fellow, Water Policy Center, PPIC
Research Associate, Australian Center for Biosecurity and Environmental Economics, ANU

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University
  • M.S., Economics, Duke University
  • B.A., Mathematics/Economics, Macalester College


  • Water Economics
  • Alternative Policy Instruments for Pollution Control
  • Salinity and Drainage Management and Policy
  • Wildlife and Fisheries Management
  • Valuing Ecosystem and Forest Services
  • Revealed and Stated Preference Valuation Methods

Research Group:

    Representative Publications:

    • Handbook of Water Economics (w. A. Dinar). Editors. Edgar Elgar Publishing, MA. 2015
    • "Creation of Malaysia's Royal Belum State Park: A Case Study of Conservation in a Developing Country," (w/ Carson, R., DeShazo, J., Potts, M.D., Reese, A., Vincent, J). Journal of Environment and Development 24(1):54-81. 2015.
    • "Irrigated Agricultural Adaptation to Water and Climate Variability: The Economic Value of a Water Portfolio." (w/ M. Mukerjee). American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Dec. 1, 2014 (doi:10.1093/ajae/aau101)
    • "Tropical countries may be willing to pay more to protect their forests," (w/ J. Vincent, R. Carson, J.R. DeShazo, I. Ahmad, C. Kook, C. Tan, and M. Potts). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Vol. 111: 28 p.10113-10118. 2014.
    • "The Residential Water Demand Effect of Increasing Block Rate Water Budgets," (w/ K. Baerenklau and A. Dinar). Land Economics. Vol. 90: 4 p.683-699. 2014.
    • "Where's the Salt? A Spatial Hedonic Analysis of the Value of Groundwater to Irrigated Agriculture," (w/ M. Mukherjee). Agricultural Water Management. Vol. 145: Special Issue: Exploring some of the socio-economic realities of sustainable water management in irrigation. 110-122. 2014.
    • Drought in Arid and Semi-arid Regions: A Multi-disciplinary and Cross-Country Perspective (w/ J. Albiac, J. Connor, R. Hassan, and L. Meza-Gonzalez). Springer Publishing, Dordrecht. 2013.
    • “Drought in Semi-arid and Arid Environments,” (w/ J. Connor). Choices 27(3):1-5. 2012.
    • “Irrigated Agriculture and Climate Change: The Influence of Water Supply Variability and Salinity on Adaptation,” (w/ J. Connor, K. King, and K. Knapp). Ecological Economics 77:147-153. 2012.
    • “Environmental Water Incentive Policy and Return Flows,” (w/ E. Qureshi, J. Connor, and M. Kirby). Water Resources Research 46: 1-12. 2010.
    • “Impacts of Climate Change on Lower Murray Irrigation,” (w/ J. Connor, M. Kirby, D. Kaczan, and D. King). Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 53(3): 437-456. 2009.
    • “Spatial Dynamics of Water and Nitrogen Management in Irrigated Agriculture,” (w/ K. Knapp). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(2): 524-539. 2008.
    • “Drainwater Management to Reduce Salinity Problems in Irrigated Agriculture,” (w/ I. Kan and K. Knapp). American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88(1):133-149. 2006.
    • “Microeconomics of Irrigation with Saline Water,” (w/ I. Kan and K. Knapp). Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 27(1), 16-39. 2002.
    • “Modeling State-level Water Quality Management: The Case of the Neuse River Basin,” Resource and Energy Economics 22, 37-62. 2000.

    Courses Taught:

    • ENSC/ECON 006 - Introduction to Environmental Economics
    • ENSC/ECON 143A - Environmental Economics
    • ENSC/ECON 143C - Ecological Economics and Environmental Valuation
    • ENSC 191 - Professional Development
    • ECON 209 - Environmental and Natural Resource Valuation

    Graduate Program Affiliations and Research Focus Areas:

    Honors and Awards

    • Kenneth R. Keller Research Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research. North Carolina State University, 1996.
    • Best Teaching Practices Award Recipient. Center for Teaching Excellence. Ohio University, 1998.
    • Editor's Citation for Excellence in Manuscript Review Award. Journal of Environmental Quality. 2002.
    • 2002 Outstanding Journal Article Award for "Microeconomics of Irrigation with Saline Water," (with I. Kan and K. Knapp). Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics.
    • Flagship Fellowship. Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Australia. 2007-2008.


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