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Jirka Šimunek

Jirka Šimunek

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Soil Physicist/Hydrologist

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph.D. 1993 Hydrology, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic
  • M.S. 1984 Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic


  • Numerical Modeling of water flow and solute transport
  • Parameter Estimation of soil hydraulic properties
  • Major Ion Chemistry modeling of biogeochemical processes
  • Transport Processes in one and multi dimensions with various equilibrium and nonequilibrium solutes in variably saturated porous media

Research Group:

    Representative Publications:

    • Šimůnek, J., D. Jacques, G. Langergraber, S. A. Bradford, M. Šejna, and M. Th. van Genuchten, Numerical modeling of contaminant transport with HYDRUS and its specialized modules, Invited paper for the Special Issue "Water Management in Changing Environment", Editor M. S. Mohan Kumar, Journal of the Indian Institute of Science, 93(2) 265-284, ISSN: 0970-4140 Coden-JIISAD, 2013.
    • Šimůnek, J., M. Th. van Genuchten, and M. Šejna, HYDRUS: Model use, calibration and validation, Special issue on Standard/Engineering Procedures for Model Calibration and Validation, Transactions of the ASABE, 55(4), 1261-1274, 2012.
    • Šimůnek, J. and J. W. Hopmans, Modeling compensated root water and nutrient uptake, Ecological Modeling, doi:10.1016/j.ecolmodel.2008.11.004, 220(4), 505-521, 2009.
    • Šimůnek, J., M. Th. van Genuchten, and M. Šejna, Development and applications of the HYDRUS and STANMOD software packages, and related codes, Vadose Zone Journal, doi:10.2136/VZJ2007.0077, Special Issue "Vadose Zone Modeling", 7(2), 587-600, 2008.
    • Šimůnek, J. and M. Th. van Genuchten, Modeling nonequilibrium flow and transport with HYDRUS, Vadose Zone Journal, doi:10.2136/VZJ2007.0074, Special Issue "Vadose Zone Modeling", 7(2), 782-797, 2008.
    • Jacques, D., J. Šimůnek, D. Mallants, and M. Th. van Genuchten, Modeling coupled hydrological and chemical processes: Long-term uranium transport following mineral phosphorus fertilization, Vadose Zone Journal, doi:10.2136/VZJ2007.0084, Special Issue "Vadose Zone Modeling", 7(2), 698-711, 2008.
    • Bradford, S. A., J. Šimůnek, M. Bettahar, M. Th. van Genuchten, and S. R. Yates, Significance of straining in colloid deposition: evidence and implications, Water Resour. Res., 42, W12S15, doi:10.1029/2005WR004791, 16 pp., 2006.
    • Pang, L. and J. Šimůnek, Evaluation of bacteria-facilitated cadmium transport in gravel columns using the HYDRUS colloid-facilitated solute transport model, Water Resour. Res., 42, W12S10, doi:10.1029/2006WR004896, 2006.
    • Gonçalves, M. C., J. Šimůnek, T. B. Ramos, J. C. Martins, M. J. Neves, and F. P. Pires, Multicomponent solute transport in soil lysimeters irrigated with waters of different quality, Water Resour. Res., 42, W08401, doi:10.1029/2006WR004802, 17 pp., 2006.
    • Carrillo-González, R., J. Šimůnek, S. Sauve, and D. Adriano, Mechanisms and pathways of trace element mobility in soils, Advances in Agronomy, 91, 111-178, 2006.
    • Šimůnek, J., Changming He, J. L. Pang, and S. A. Bradford, Colloid-facilitated transport in variably-saturated porous media: Numerical model and experimental verification, Vadose Zone Journal, 5, 1035-1047, 2006.

    Courses Taught:

    • SWSC107/ENWC207 - Soil Physics
    • SWSC207/ENSC207 - Vadose Zone Processes
    • SWSC202/ENSC202 - Introduction to Environmental Modeling
    • ENSC191 - Seminar in the Professional Development

    Graduate Program Affiliations and Research Focus Areas:

    Honors and Awards

    • Don and Betty Kirkham Award, 2005
    • ESR International Fellow 2006
    • CRCIF Visiting Fellow, Australia, 2007
    • Fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Tokyo, Japan, 2008
    • "Distinguished Visitor" of the Blaustein Center for Scientific Cooperation of the Sede Boqer Campus, Ben Gurion University, Israel, 2009
    • Soil Science Society of America Fellow, 2010
    • American Geophysical Union Fellow, 2012


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