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Jose Sanchez

jsanchezJose Sanchez

Major Professor


  • Ph.D., Environmental Sciences


  • B.A., Economics, University of California, Irvine, 2002
  • M.S., Statistics, Washington State University, 2004

Research Description

  • In the recent years, wildfires have become larger and more dangerous than before. Consequently, fire suppression cost has been increasing dramatically in the last several years and has become extremely expensive for the US Forest Service to protect life, structures, and natural resources. My research focuses on determining the landscape values, estimating the benefits of wildfires reduction due to fuel treatments, and the benefits society receives from forests (e.g. use and nonuse values).My research will improve our understanding of how landscape characteristics contribute to recreation value and thus our ability to value natural resources in a recreation context. It is potentially relevant for related applications including: trail network design, campground development, zoning and building regulations for rural communities, locating scenic byways and overlooks, shoreline development regulations, and design of location-specific development impact fees.


  • Alldredge, J.R., Johnson H.D., Sánchez, José J. (2006) Does Viewing Video of Statistics in Action Affect Student Attitudes? Proceedings of International Conference on the Teaching of Statistics (ICOTS-7). Available online:
  • Bengston, David N.; Sánchez, José J. (2004). “Hispanic American views on the stewardship of federal land management agencies: An exploratory analysis of the Ethnic NewsWatch Database.” Proceedings of the Fourth Social Aspects and Recreation Research Symposium, February 4-6, 2004, San Francisco, CA. San Francisco: Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies, San Francisco State University. Pp. 5-9. Available online:

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