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Environmental Sciences

Fall Symposium

Environmental Sciences
Graduate Program Symposium

September 25, 2012
9:00am - 4:00pm
Science Library, Room 240

9:00 Introduction  
9:05 Aileen Maldonado Relationships between Cytochrome P450 Activity and Expression and Allelochemical Toxicity in Butterflyfish (Chaetodon spp.)
9:20 Raymundo Marcos Analysis of Land Use Change Dynamics in Two Mexican Rural Areas
9:35 Jose Sanchez Economics of Forest Fire Management: Spatial Accounting of Costs and Benefits
9:50 Monobina Muckerjee Valuing Access to Multiple Sources of Water Supply in Irrigated Agriculture with a Hedonic Pricing Model
10:05 Arisha Ashraf What Determines the Adoption of Agricultural Technologies and Management Practices under Water Scarce Conditions?
10:20 Break  
10:30 Edgar Tellez Fixing Distortions to Groundwater Management: Using Experiments to Identify Optimal Decoupling of Electricity Subsidies For Groundwater Pumping Mexico
10:45 Drew Atwater Household Adoption of Outdoor Water Conservation Technologies
11:00 Natthanij Soonsawad Assessment of ecosystem services provided by public street trees in Bangkok, Thailand
11:15 Elizabeth Hessom The Effects of Gaseous Ozone and Nitric Acid Deposition on Two Crustose Lichen Species from Joshua Tree National Park
11:30 Andi Heard Nutrient Criteria Development for Sierra Nevada Lakes
11:45 Julie Escalera Decision Support Tools for Salinity Management in Avocado Production
12:00 Lunch  
1:30 Lucia Levers Bringing Land Back from the Brink: Public and Private Benefits of Biofuel Crops on Marginalized Land in the San Joaquin Valley
1:45 Sanval Nasim Allocative Inefficiency, Tenure Systems and Poverty in Irrigated Systems in Pakistan
2:00 Fang Jia Isotope Exchange Method to Study the Bioavailability of DDTs in Sediment
2:15 Yusong Wang Transport and Fate of Microorganisms in Soils with Preferential Flow Under Different Solution Chemistry Conditions
2:30 Break  
2:45 Denise Martinez Methane Production and Ebullition in a Shallow Eutrophic Lake (Lake Elsinore, CA)
3:00 Zijiang Lu Isomer-Specific Oxidation of Surfactant Metabolite Nonylphenol by Potassium Permanganate
3:15 Amanda James Biological Sensors for Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition
3:30 Lindsey Saum Genetic Methods for Monitoring Oil Decomposition in Marine Environments
3:45 Lauren Hale Biochar as a Carrier for Plant-Growth-Promoting Soil Bacteria

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