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Christopher Amrhein

Christopher Amrhein

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Professor of Soil Chemistry, Emeritus

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry, 1984, Utah State University
  • M.S. in Water Science, 1980, University of California, Davis
  • B.S. with High Honors in Soil and Water Science, 1977, University of California, Davis


  • Management, treatment, and reuse of agricultural wastewater.
  • Trace element chemistry in soils, sediments, water, and brines.
  • Oxidation/reduction chemistry in wetlands and metal surfaces.
  • Dissolution and precipitation kinetics of carbonate and silicate minerals.
  • Cation and anion adsorption reactions on phyllosilicate clays, metal oxides, and soils.
  • Reclamation of salt-affected soils and the maintenance of soil structure.

Representative Publications:

  • de Koff, J.P., M.A. Anderson, C. Amrhein. 2008. Geochemistry of iron in the Salton Sea, California. Hydrobiologia 604:37-44.
  • Geraci, J.B., C. Amrhein, and C.C. Goodson. 2008. Barnacle growth rate on artificial substrate in the Salton Sea, California. Hydrobiologia 604:77-84.
  • Rodriguez, I.R., C. Amrhein, and M.A. Anderson. 2008. Laboratory studies on the coprecipitation of phosphate with calcium carbonate in the Salton Sea, California. Hydrobiologia 604:45-55.
  • Rodriguez, I.R., C. Amrhein, M.A. Anderson. 2008. Reducing dissolved phosphorus loading to the Salton Sea with aluminum sulfate. Hydrobiologia 604:37-44.
  • Anderson, M.A., L. Whiteaker, E. Wakefield and C. Amrhein. 2008. Properties and distribution of sediment in the Salton Sea, California: An assessment of predictive models. Hydrobiologia 604:97-110.
  • Graham, R.C., D.R. Hirmas, Y.A. Wood, and C. Amrhein. 2008. Large near-surface nitrate pools in soils capped by desert pavement in the Mojave Desert, California. Geology 36:259-262.
  • Reese, B.K., M.A. Anderson, C. Amrhein. 2008. Hydrogen sulfide production and volatilization in a polymictic eutrophic saline lake, Salton Sea, California. Sci. Tot. Envir. 406:205-218.
  • Zhang, Y., C. Amrhein, A. Chang, W.T. Frankenberger, Jr. 2008. Effect of zero-valent iron and a redox mediator on removal of selenium in agricultural drainage water. Sci. Tot. Envir. 407:89-96.

Honors and Awards

  • U.C. Distinguish Teaching Award, 2006-2007

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