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Environmental Sciences

Keith C. Knapp

Keith C. Knapp

Keith Knapp

Professor of Resource Economics

Academic Degrees:

  • Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University, 1980


  • Teaching
    • Natural resource and environmental economics
  • Research
    • Water resource economics
    • Natural resource and environmental aspects of agricultural production
    • Economic growth, natural resources, and sustainability
    • Computational economics of the environment

Research Group:

  • Former Graduate Students
    • Erik Dickson - Environmental Sciences program
    • Brad Franklin - Ph.D., Economics program, advisor
    • Albert Pasaoa - Ph.D., Economics program

Representative Publications:

  • Knapp, K.C., and L.J. Olson. 1996. Dynamic resource management: intertemporal substitution and risk aversion. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 78(4):1004-1014. November.
  • Posnikoff, J.F., and K.C. Knapp. 1996. Regional drainwater management: source control, agroforestry, and evaporation ponds. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 21(2): 277-293. December.
  • Olson, L.J., and K.C. Knapp. 1997. Exhaustible resource allocation in an overlapping generations economy. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 32(3):277-292. March.
  • Knapp, K.C. and P. A. Sadorsky. 2000. Economics of agroforestry production in irrigated agriculture. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 25(1):286-306. July.
  • Peltola, J., and K.C. Knapp. 2001. Recursive preferences in forest management. Forest Science. 47(4):455-465. November.

Courses Taught:

  • ENSC/ECON 6: Introduction to Environmental Economics (Spring quarter)
  • ENSC/ECON 143a: Environmental Economics (Fall quarter)
  • ECON 207: Environmental Economics (Winter quarter, alternate years)
  • ECON 258E: Environmental Macroeconomics and Ecological
  • Economics (Seminar, Spring quarter, alternate years)

Graduate Program Affiliations and Research Focus Areas:

  • Research Focus Areas
    • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Policy
  • Program
    • Environmental Sciences

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