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Emeriti Faculty


  • William C. Fairbank*

    Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences

    Research Areas: Agricultural Engineering

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences 

    Education: B.S., UC Davis

  • Walter Farmer*

    Professor Emeritus of Soil Science & Chemist

    Research Areas: Phsicochemical Processes, Organic Compounds and Soil Colloids

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences 

    Education: Ph. D., Purdue University, 1966

  • William T. Frankenberger*
    Keith Knapp

    Distinguished Prof Emeritus of Soil Sci & Soil Microbiology

    Research Areas: Microbial Production of Phytohormones in Soils; Bioremediation of Selenium and Perchlorate.

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences

    Education: Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1980

  • Keith C. Knapp*
    Keith Knapp

    Professor Emeritus of Resource Economics

    Research Areas: Irrigation management, salinity and drainage problems in the San Joaquin Valley; Renewable resource management with an emphasis on groundwater; Agricultural markets and the implications of exhaustible resources for economic growth.

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences 

    Education: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1980

  • John Letey*
    John Letey

    Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Soil Physics and Soil Physicist

    • Former Director, University of California Center for Water Resources
    • Chair, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, UCR, 1975-1980

    Research Areas: Transport phenomena in soils; Optimal irrigation water management; Water repellency of soils; Polymers and soil structure; Pesticide transport.

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences 

    Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1959

  • Parker F. Pratt*

    Professor Emeritus of Soil Science

    • Former Chair, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, UCR
    • Director, USDA Salinity Laboratory (1986)

    Research Areas: Soil Science

    Departments/Programs: Environmental Sciences 

    Education: Ph.D., Iowa State University

* Deceased

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