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Who we are

The Environmental Sciences Mini-Graduate Student Association at UCR, or ENSC Mini-GSA, is a graduate student-run organization that serves to promote interaction among students in the Department of Environmental Sciences, through social activities, and to provide a forum for ENSC students to express their concerns and ideas, which are represented at monthly GSA meetings.

What we do

As a student-run organization, our primary goal is to promote and assist graduate students in the department financially, academically, and socially. We receive $100 per quarter from the GSA to fund our organization, but we also hold fundraisers for various graduate student activities:

  • Coffee socials where we accept donations for baked goods, coffee, and tea
  • Social functions to promote interaction between students
  • Creation of ENSC departmental T-shirts

We also have procured funding ($3000 per year) from the Hilda Liebig Endowment, thanks to the Environmental Sciences Department Scholarship Committee, to provide funding for ENSC graduate-student travel to conferences, workshops, or other research facilities. 

Who can join

Any graduate student* who is accepted into the Environmental Sciences Graduate Program automatically assumes membership to the department's Mini-GSA. Membership is discontinued when a student is no longer held in good academic standing within the department.

Any graduate student who belongs to a department that lacks Mini-GSA representation but whose faculty advisor is a member of the Department of Environmental Sciences may petition for Environmental Sciences Mini-GSA membership by contacting the Co-presidents below.

*Active membership of this student organization shall be chosen without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, color, disability, national origin, age, or marital status. All graduate students enrolled in an ES Program, who are in good academic standing within the program, are eligible for membership.


Interested in joining? Send an email to a co-presidents (listed below) and they will add you to the list.

ENSC mini-GSA Constitution




Mini-GSA Travel Grant Application

Accessing our online forms requires a UCR R'mail account. Log out of any personal Gmail account in order to log in to R'mail. 

All forms for the Liebig Mini-GSA awards must be signed by the Grad student Chair as well as the Faculty Scholarships Chair, and then given to the Financial Operations Manager for processing.

*Travel grant applications are open for this year.



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