Graduate Scholarships and Awards


Financial & Fellowship Support from Grad Division

Applicants who submit a completed application for Fall, before December 1, this academic will be given first consideration for financial / fellowship support from the Graduate Division. Applications reviewed after December 1 will be considered for fellowship awards, subject to availability of unallocated funds after the initial round of applications have been reviewed.

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Albert Marsh

Deadline to apply: this academic year and until the annual allotment is disbursed


Hilda and George Liebig Summer Fellowship

Deadline to apply: June 10th, this academic year


Frank T. Bingham Memorial Fellowship


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Stolzy-Letey Travel

Deadline to apply: May 31st, each academic year


NOTE: This award is open to students presenting at the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) annual meeting; because SSSA occurs in January 2019, the deadline is open until November 31st this academic year.



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