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BEES Administrative Staff

Name Phone  E-mail Location
Karen Cato
Financial and Administrative Assistant
951-827-3182 2460F Geology
Timothy Hannem
Contracts & Grants Analyst
951-827-6166 2460E Geology
Abraham Juliot
Administrative Assistant 
951-827-5116 2460A Geology
Brittney Kuhn
Financial Services Supervisor
951-827-4504 2460G Geology
Carlos Moran
Purchasing & Travel Assistant
951-827-3549 2460F Geology
Michelle Peterson
Contracts & Grants Analyst
951-827-3436 2460C Geology
Amber Rhemrev
Financial Services Analyst
951-827-7076 2460E Geology
RC Sutton
Financial Operations Manager
951-827-2690 2460B Geology
Deborah Terao
Financial and Administrative Officer
951-827-6163 2460D Geology 

CNAS - Academic Student Advising Staff

Name Phone  E-mail Location
John Herring
Graduate Student Services Advisor
CNAS Graduate Student Affairs Center
951-827-2441   1140 Batchelor Hall
Javier Ramirez
Professional Academic Advisor
CNAS Undergraduate Academic Advising Center
951-827-1767 1220F Pierce Hall

CNAS - Personnel Services Staff

Name Phone  E-mail Location
Wendy Alvarez
Academic Personnel Assistant
951-827-4647 312 College Building North

Emelyn Lutzker
Non-Academic Administrative Specialist

951-827-4228 203B College Building North

Environmental Sciences Technical Staff

Name Phone  E-mail Location
Delores Lucero
Staff Research Associate
951-827-2356 2413 Geology
David Lyons
Lab Assistant
951-827-2970 209 Science Labs I

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